Any good books?

November 10, 2009

Is anyone reading a good book or whatever, ‘cus when I finish The Maze Runner (the book im reading right now) I’ll need another book. So, ya. Oh and 11 days! 😛


16 Days!!!

November 5, 2009

16 days til what?? If you want to know comment. 💡 Oh and guess what I’m counting down to. 😛 Okay so when I’m in the mood for making a post it’ll be counting down to something. What is something?? I know what something is!!! lol! Okay I just finished a fantastic book by Scott Westerfeld, called Leviathan. It was really good. 😀 SO I just started a new book, my friend (my only friend that loves to read as much as i do) lent it to me, we switch books A LOT! Its called The Maze Runner. Anyone read it, if so please make a comment and tell me if it’s good or make a comment and write a review. But if you’ve read it please dont give it away. lol! This is really random, but I always ask my friends this question and half the time they dont answer, so who do you like?? lol jk if you wanna answer you can, but you dont have to its not like I know ’em.

P.S. this is my favorite smiley 🙄


November 1, 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! again! Tonight I went trick or treating! It was fun, but this one girl was being a hypocritical b****! Dont ask why, she just was, usually she’s really nice, but not tonight. F.Y.I., I was a ladybug, how about you guys? I put sparkles in hair and when I was spraying myself I got it ALL OVER myself! My arms, chest, shoulders, forehead, I am majorly sparkley! Lol it’s pretty awesome! Well thats all, bye guys, and I wanna say HI FRESHTALKINGKIDS! MY only reader….. I think. 😛

Snow Days!

October 29, 2009

Okay so on Tuesday we got a 2 hour delay, on Wednesday we got a SNOW DAY, and today, Thursday, we got ANOTHER snow day. But I didn’t want one today, I wanted to see people, but today I’m gonna hang out with some of my friends. And my dog is really good at catching things! My sister was throwing pieces of a bagel at Mattie (my dog) and she caught them all in mid air, same with a snowball! I’m nearly done with my book LEVIATHAN. I’ve been reading it really slowly! Lol thats all guys, oh and before I post another post I want at least 1 comment because I dont want to type things up and no one reads it. So ya I was just gonna say something but I cant remember, that sucks! Oh I remember!!! I’m being a ladybug for Halloween, how about you guys?? Bye! 😀

I dont know what to call this

October 23, 2009

Sorry, I havent made a post in a couple days, I completly forgot to. Well I’ve known this one kid since 2nd grade and one of my other friends keeps saying I like them and I dont. We’re just friends! Its really annoying, and she’s the  one dating a kid she doesn’t like! I’m reading LEVIATHAN (by Scott Westerfeld, he’s sooo awesome) and it’s really good, not as good as my fav series (UGLIES series), but really good. I actually like Deryn more than Alek. Well thats all I have to say so bye everyone. I’ll try to post tomorrow! 😛

PAINT WAR!!! and other stuff

October 20, 2009

Okay my sister is moving into the basement and we were splatter painting her room yesterday. So my mom was taking pics and she said pretend to throw paint at each other so we actually started throwing paint. It was fun but the paint wouldn’t come out of my hair, it was so hard to get out. I was completely splattered and we went to target and we got some weird looks it was funny! My like best guy friend(we’ve been friends for 4 years) well his best friend is so annoying. I said do you have a problem with me being friends with him and he was like ya! I said why, you’re such a retard! I think he has a crush on him. JK JK JK JK! No seriously I’m kidding! Well thats all I think! BYE EVERYONE!!!!!!!! 😀


October 17, 2009

This is gonna be short and simple. I’ll try to post everyday, but sometimes I might not have time, so posts might get kinda spaced out, but I’ll post as often as I can. That was a run on sentence, but whatever!

My mom is so weird! She just made me go play in leaves so she could take pictures! I was like; do I have to, can I go inside now, please can I go inside now? But I was only out there for a couple minutes, it was so random! But I love her! 🙂

My friend Ashley says HI!! We’re having a sleepover and right now I’m pretty bored! LOL, but I’m gonna go get some pizza. 😛

Random Post

October 17, 2009

Okay I don’t really know what to write. Mostly because I didn’t have school on Thursday or Friday. And when I go back on Monday I’ll post something about my day and usually I’ll have something fun to say about my day. Because my friends are idiotic (but awesome!) and people in my grade are (no offense) really annoying and say really stupid things! And by really stupid things I mean they’re insane! But fun to be around! On another topic; I went to the orthodontist on Thursday (I have braces) and now my mouth hurts so bad! There feels like there’s a wire stabbing my gum, but it’s just a bracket and they’re closing a gap between my teeth and that hurts too! Well that’s about all I can think of to say. So I’m about to go get on my favorite blog westerblog. It’s Scott Westerfeld’s blog here’s a link if you wanna go to it!

Haunted House

October 16, 2009

Last night I went to a haunted house with my friends, it’s called Mind Seizure. It was sooooo scary!!!! I get scared so easily so I had my eyes closed nearly the entire time. Also I was holding my friends shoulders and when we got out my hands were sore and her shoulders were really sore. When I was in there, there was a guy with a chain saw and he was right behind me in this little room, but the chain saw wasn’t on and my friend was yelling, “He’s right behind you!!”, but I refused to look. And since I had my head down and wasn’t looking this really creepy guy came like 5 inches from my face (they’re not allowed to touch you and you’re not allowed to touch them) and started saying stuff like ” Why aren’t you looking at me?! Come on look up, look at me!” and he said it in a creepy voice I wouldn’t look up. And half way through my friend said it was over, you know what it wasn’t! There was an exit if you were really that scared.

Gosh it was scary, but fun. Bye


October 14, 2009

Here’s a few books people need to read!

  • Uglies
  • Pretties
  • Specials
  • Extras
  • The Secret Hour
  • Touching Darkness
  • Blue Noon
  • Twilight
  • New Moon
  • Eclipse
  • Breaking Dawn
  • Leviathan

ok those are some books people just HAVE to read! theyre my favorite.

Ok on another subject one of my best friends was like i hate Twilight! and i was like have you read it and you know what he said no i just dont like it. i was like what?!?! how can you hate a book that youve never read?