My Birthday!

Okay I just saw Twilight New Moon!!! It was amazing! Taylor Lautner  had his shirt off more thaan half the movie, HOT! Actually gorgeous!! I looove him, Edward stinks. Down with Edward! Go Jacob! Team Jacob! I dont care if you think this movie was terrible, I looooved it! I could see it a 20 or more times and still not get tired of it. Oh ya it was my birthday today! Happy birthday to me!!!!! One minute til the 21st so bye!


6 Responses to “My Birthday!”

  1. freshtalkingkids Says:

    Oh, I should have written Happy B-day on this post, not the other one. Oh well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I haven’t gone to see New Moon yet, but I’m going to! Down with Edward is right, although I’m not sure I’m on team Jacob. I don’t really like anyone in Twilight. (I absolutely HATE Bella! She’s a weak-minded, lovesick… well, you get my point.) I guess I’ll go with Team Toshi Banana! 😀 If I ever get another pet, I’m naming it either Banana-la or Hammurabi Fausto. (Hammurabi was a king of Mesopotamia. I love his name!) 😀

    • majorlibubbli Says:

      OMG! hammurabi! we’re talking about mesopotamia in social studies right now and i read about him me and my friend called him hamburger hammurabi. i just think taylor lautner is soooooo supe hot so im on team jacob. its much better than twilight but the entire movie i was talking to my friend and was like die edward die! it was sooo funny i told her i was gonna make i hate edward stickers but these 2 girls at my school would probably kill me! lol

  2. freshtalkingkids Says:

    Hamburger Hammurabi! Hilarius! My history teacher is a big Twilight fan… she has 4 New Moon posters in the classroom! 😀 I have a history test today… not excited. 😦

  3. freshtalkingkids Says:

    Test was easy… I really wanted to write “hamburger Hammurabi” in the answers! (I also really wanted to call my history teacher a bubblehead!) Tomorrow is my birthday!!!!!! 😀 🙂 😉 :mrgreen:

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