Any good books?

Is anyone reading a good book or whatever, ‘cus when I finish The Maze Runner (the book im reading right now) I’ll need another book. So, ya. Oh and 11 days! 😛


5 Responses to “Any good books?”

  1. freshtalkingkids Says:

    If you like sci-fi read EXODUS by Julie Bertagna! It’s amazing! 😀 🙂

  2. majorlibubbli Says:

    I’ll look that up! 😀

  3. Team Toshi Banana Says:

    I looked up The Maze Runner and it sounds really good! I can’t wait to read it… right now my “To Read” list has 27 books on it. I am trying to convince my parents that for my birthday/December holidays the only thing I really want is a new bookshelf and a gift card to the local bookstore. (They tell me I read too much, so I really doubt I’ll get my wish) 😀

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