16 Days!!!

16 days til what?? If you want to know comment. 💡 Oh and guess what I’m counting down to. 😛 Okay so when I’m in the mood for making a post it’ll be counting down to something. What is something?? I know what something is!!! lol! Okay I just finished a fantastic book by Scott Westerfeld, called Leviathan. It was really good. 😀 SO I just started a new book, my friend (my only friend that loves to read as much as i do) lent it to me, we switch books A LOT! Its called The Maze Runner. Anyone read it, if so please make a comment and tell me if it’s good or make a comment and write a review. But if you’ve read it please dont give it away. lol! This is really random, but I always ask my friends this question and half the time they dont answer, so who do you like?? lol jk if you wanna answer you can, but you dont have to its not like I know ’em.

P.S. this is my favorite smiley 🙄


2 Responses to “16 Days!!!”

  1. freshtalkingkids Says:

    The Maze Runner sounds really cool… I’m going to look up reviews of it now! 😀
    Are you counting down until your birthday? I’m counting the days until mine! :mrgreen:
    My little brother is always asking me who I “like”. I know he has a crush on this girl in his class, even though he won’t admit it. 🙄 Aah, the cuteness of 4th grade love! (not)

  2. majorlibubbli Says:

    Ya its really good and yup I’m counting down to my birthday. November 20th!!!! When yours? Oh 4th grade love 🙄 , I hate it! No offence to your brother when I was a 5th grader I had to be in a class with 4th graders and I decided I hate ALL (except for two) of the 4th graders at that school. Well now theyre not 4th graders, but when they were, they all had boyfriends and girlfriends, and NONE of the 5th graders were dating. And they were mean. 😈 Lol I have series problems with them. 😛

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