Snow Days!

Okay so on Tuesday we got a 2 hour delay, on Wednesday we got a SNOW DAY, and today, Thursday, we got ANOTHER snow day. But I didn’t want one today, I wanted to see people, but today I’m gonna hang out with some of my friends. And my dog is really good at catching things! My sister was throwing pieces of a bagel at Mattie (my dog) and she caught them all in mid air, same with a snowball! I’m nearly done with my book LEVIATHAN. I’ve been reading it really slowly! Lol thats all guys, oh and before I post another post I want at least 1 comment because I dont want to type things up and no one reads it. So ya I was just gonna say something but I cant remember, that sucks! Oh I remember!!! I’m being a ladybug for Halloween, how about you guys?? Bye! 😀


3 Responses to “Snow Days!”

  1. freshtalkingkids Says:

    Ha ha I am your faithful reader who comments on everything 😀
    I wish it would hurry up and start snowing here in MA, I’d love a snow day! When I make snowballs, my dog eats them! (and I don’t mean she just licks them either, she takes huge chomps!) 😀

  2. freshtalkingkids Says:

    Oops, I forgot to tell you I am Team Toshi Banana… with a different name! 🙂

  3. majorlibubbli Says:

    YA! My faithful reader! lol! Same with my dog, its funny. 😀 Ya I know your Team Toshi Banana! And you used to be Team Yoshi Banana, I know that cuz I’ve been on your blog! 😛 I’m in CO and so much snow!

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