Haunted House

Last night I went to a haunted house with my friends, it’s called Mind Seizure. It was sooooo scary!!!! I get scared so easily so I had my eyes closed nearly the entire time. Also I was holding my friends shoulders and when we got out my hands were sore and her shoulders were really sore. When I was in there, there was a guy with a chain saw and he was right behind me in this little room, but the chain saw wasn’t on and my friend was yelling, “He’s right behind you!!”, but I refused to look. And since I had my head down and wasn’t looking this really creepy guy came like 5 inches from my face (they’re not allowed to touch you and you’re not allowed to touch them) and started saying stuff like ” Why aren’t you looking at me?! Come on look up, look at me!” and he said it in a creepy voice I wouldn’t look up. And half way through my friend said it was over, you know what it wasn’t! There was an exit if you were really that scared.

Gosh it was scary, but fun. Bye


2 Responses to “Haunted House”

  1. Team Yoshi Banana Says:

    Awesome! I love being creeped out! Something about being scared is so icy-making! 😀

  2. majorlibubbli Says:

    I know it is! But I was pretty terrified, but afterwards I felt icy! And thanks for getting on my blog!

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