Here’s a few books people need to read!

  • Uglies
  • Pretties
  • Specials
  • Extras
  • The Secret Hour
  • Touching Darkness
  • Blue Noon
  • Twilight
  • New Moon
  • Eclipse
  • Breaking Dawn
  • Leviathan

ok those are some books people just HAVE to read! theyre my favorite.

Ok on another subject one of my best friends was like i hate Twilight! and i was like have you read it and you know what he said no i just dont like it. i was like what?!?! how can you hate a book that youve never read?


4 Responses to “Heyy!!”

  1. Team Yoshi Banana Says:

    I LOOOOOOVE UGLIES!!! Twilight is okay, not sure if I like the author’s writing style. Scott Westerfeld is an amazing and awesome author!!!

  2. majorlibubbli Says:

    Uglies is my favorite series ever!!! I love it too! I just put Twilight because its not terrible and everyone says that they hate it. And theyve never read it! I didnt finsih the series though, I reread Uglies instead. Scott Westerfeld is an amazing author!

  3. Beli-wa Says:

    why would they not like a book theve never read?
    i don’t like twilight!!
    it sucks!
    i haven’t read it
    i don’t like it cause everyone is WAY too obsessed with it
    i mean have a REAL convo. once in a while that doesn’t involve edward!!

  4. majorlibubbli Says:

    wait but you said that youve never read it but you dont like it. im confuzzled. just saying jacobs better than edward. and taylor lautner is sooo much better than rob pattenson

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